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Commercial or Residential Roofing Companies

Roofing Businesses for sale
Whether you do commercial or residential roofing, or a mix of both, 
we are interested in working with you.  Shingles, EDPM, TPO, Metal, Roof Coatings, we do it all. 
Whether you're a business owner of a $5 million roofing business or a $100 million roofing business, focused on either residential or commercial, if you're ready to sell your business and retire or just focus on other ventures, we're here for you.  We're focused on the roofing industry.  That allows us to understand your business a little better and a little faster than someone who isn't familiar with the industry.  Everything we do is in the strictest confidence.  Contact us and we'll discuss the steps we go through to get your business sold.  

Alternatively, you may be an entrepreneur just coming into the industry and would like to acquire a roofing business.   Or maybe, you've been around for a few years and you want to grow from $5 million to $10 million through acquisition, or you want to add a 2nd location in another state.  We can help you identify and acquire those opportunities.   

Free Business Valuation

Whether you want to sell or not, it's always good to know what your business is worth.  In fact, we believe you should do an annual valuation as part of your Key Performance Indices to track the health of your business.  We're happy to consult you in this area.  

Although there are many business valuation providers in the market, we can provide you with a free business valuation based on roofing industry standards.  Just get in touch with one of our brokers to discuss what is needed.  You can use this contact form here and we'll have someone contact you as soon as possible.  

Sell my roofing company

    Our Geography

    We engage with roofing companies on a national basis throughout the United States.   Whether you're in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, El Paso, Fresno, Grand Rapids, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Quincy, Reno, San Jose, Tulsa, Union City, Valdosta, Wheeling, Xenia, Yuma, or even Zanesville and everywhere in between, we will work with you to help you sell your roofing business or find one for you to acquire.    

    We are focused more on the industry and less on the geography.  

    Types of Roofing 

    We like all different types of roofing.   Of course, there are many companies that just focus on either residential or commercial.    Some companies do both.  We cover both residential and commercial.  We include all of the shingle guys as well as the people doing metal roofing, TPO, and EDPM, tile and even the coating guys.  You may have an allegiance to Atlas, CertainTeed, GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, Firestone, McElroy, Weatherbond or Karnak.  You may focus on the residential shingle industry now, but want to acquire a commercial operation in another state or in the same state.  We'll help you find them.  The fact is, the barrier to entry in residential is pretty low.  But we know the larger companies are more attractive to investors because they've proven to last and already have the momentum, a large customer base, trained staffed, and hopefully, are a well-oiled machine.  Commercial roofing does have a higher barrier to entry and is a completely unique category that is also very attractive, especially when there is management in place.  The Buyer pool tends to vary based on the segment of the industry you're in and the size of your business.  Let's talk about your situation and we'll have a plan to maximize marketing it to prospective buyers.