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Buy a Roofing Business

We have two types of Buyers for Roofing Companies -- (1) an existing business owner that owns another roofing business, typically not in the same market or roofing segment, or perhaps even in a synergistic industry that wants to expand into roofing.  This may be someone that has built their residential side, but wants to get more into commercial, or expand to another state.  (2) an entrepreneur that has a corporate job, management experience, possibly industry experience, that wants to own their own business.  For the most part, we become consultants to both sides as we become matchmakers of putting Buyers and Sellers together.  

If you are interested in buying a roofing company, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our database and actively look for an opportunity for you.  We ask a lot of questions on the form and will likely follow up with a phone interview to make sure we are hitting the target for your desired acquisition.   Of course, if you'd rather just talk through it all, you're welcome to call or email us.  

Buyer Registration Form

Please give us as much information about yourself as possible so we can be helpful in your search to buy a profitable rewarding business.  We want to match you to what you want and qualified for.   This is a starting point.  We will reach out and go into more detail.  

If you are already in the roofing industry, or synergistic to it, please specify that.  If you're a $10 mil company in Atlanta looking to buy a similar size company in Dallas, we note those details...the more information we have, the more helpful we'll be.  

Bottomline, we qualify all of our Prospective Buyers and everyone is required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  

Thanks for engaging with us.  We commit to advising you the best we can so you can take advantage of the great opportunities in the roofing industry.  

If you'd rather just talk through all of these, please feel free to call us at 317-828-0170.